You may not be able to buy our high quality pups in the future!

The WA government proposed legislation will ban stores like us selling puppies if action is not taken. As we specialise in puppies, we will be forced to close down after 19 years servicing WA pet owners. As the legislation will also include banning all breeding other than by registered breeders, you will have only 2 sources of dogs available in WA:

1. Purebreed dogs from registered breeders. There is a limited capacity and selection of breeds in WA and you will likely have to wait up to years for the dog of your choice and very often have to take what you are offered at the price they decide. WA registered breeders are not permited to cross-breed so Cavoodles, Spoodles, Pugaliers, Labradoodles etc will not be available from these breeders

2. Dogs from shelters. While we commend anyone taking on a shelter dog, they are not for everyone, particularily when over 90% of the dogs currently available in WA are medium and large breeds not suitable for small yards and families with young children. The supply of small breeds will become even scarcer

Otherwise you will be forced to buy puppies sight-unseen from eastern states sellers over the internet which is far more likely to promote puppy farms with no health cover or guarantees.

We source our dogs from reputable AAPDB member breeders who must undergo regular inspections and meet stringent welfare standards. We are not a contributor to the continuation of so-called “puppy farms” as the proposal accuses.

Likewise, we carefully assess our owners and endevour to match them with the correct dog and our dogs do not end up filling up dog shelters as the Labour government argues. In fact the opposite is true. I think a check of the online Shenton Park Dogs Home website will show that there are very few if any breeds that we sell represented in their list of homeless dogs.

We are all for regulation to ensure all operators in WA maintain a high standard of welfare in the sale of puppies and buy from reputable and approved breeders. We see only negatives for the pet owning public in banning the sale of puppies in pet shops such as ours and hope the government seeks a reasonable solution rather than reacting in a knee-jerk, extremist way with a ban.

We need our past and future customers to make a submission to the government to ensure that this legislation is not passed in this form by clicking on the link below:

(Submissions must be in by August 3 so act now before it’s too late)



Our puppies are only sourced from reputable breeders with the majority sourced from breeder members of the Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders (AAPDB).

We do not source puppies from puppy farms or other non-reputable sources.

Our business is an associate member of AAPDB and meets the standards they set for pet shops.

We are committed to providing the highest health and welfare standards for our pets in their short stay with us.

  • We stock a large range of purebreed and cross breed puppies, small, medium and large
  • Huge range of accessories, toys and treats as well as premium food.
  • Puppies all vet-checked, vaccinated, wormed and flea treated
  • 14 day veterinary care for illness.
  • Discounted further puppy vaccinations and desexing
  • Our knowledgeable staff will help you choose and look after your new puppy with our veterinary service, providing a full back-up.

  • We are open 9.00 am to 5.00pm Monday to Saturday, Thursday to 6.30pm.  and Sunday 11am - 4pm. 

Extensive range of pet care needs and accesories and food.

Climate controlled hygenic and comfortable housing for pups

Large exercise areas for pups as well as for viewing.

We offer a complete grooming service

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