Puppies are our passion and we are dedicated to offering:

  • Wide selection of small, medium and some large purebreed and crossbreed (including “designer crossbreeds”) at a competitive prices
  • Health care of puppies while in-store and after purchase are our top priority
  • All puppies vet-checked, vaccinated, wormed and flea treated with Advantage
  • Free 14 day veterinary care for health problems after purchase

Our puppy housing facilities are state-of-the-art enabling us to maintain strict hygeine while giving pups a comfortable and secure home in the short time they are with us.

To give an idea of some of  the range of dogs see the list to the right.
(*Please note that these photos are examples and not currenty available puppies.) See PUPS IN STOCK page for current pups to view.

(*Please Note*- Crossbreeds may show a very varied physical appearance. They will not necessarily resemble a 50% mix of the two parents traits but may show almost all of one parents characteristics or may not look like either parent. If you wish to be more sure of the  size and appearance of your puppy when it is fully grown we suggest purchasing a purebreed.)


Some of the breeds we stock
(click on thumbnail to see album)

(Beagle x Cavalier)

Bernadoodle - mini
(St Bernard x Poodle x)

(Bichon x Poodle)

(Cavalier x Bichon)

(Cavalier x Cocker)

(Cavalier x Poodle)

(American x English Cocker)

Groodle - Mini
(Golden Retriever x Mini Poodle)

Groodle - Standard
(Golden Retriever x Standard Poodle)

(Jack Russel x Pug)

Labradoodle - Mini

(Maltese x Cavalier)

Maltese x Bichon

Maltese x Shih Tzu

(Maltese x Poodle)

(Pug x Cavalier)

(Schnauzer x Cavalier)

(Schnauzer x Poodle)

(Shih Tzu x Poodle

(Cocker x Poodle)

American Spoodle  (American Cocker x Poodle)

All About Pups
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